From custom build solutions for doors that do not require an architrave, to developing innovative solutions for interior flooring through their custom built skirting. 


 EFFE offers series of screens that include horizontal sliding, dual horizontal sliding, vertical sliding mechanisms and fixed screens. 


 Known for its rich steel craftsmanship producing only the finest masterpieces in the industry, L’Officina by Vincenzo seeks to push the limits when it comes to turning any of your dream designs to reality. 


 LUALDI is an italian supplier of architectural hardware. Their extensive range of doors, windows, handles and more are available in a diverse range of colourways and finishes. 


Their product range is a rail-free, trackless door that folds flush in three segments, vastly reducing the area of the room needed to be used for installation.  


The union of high technology and research of new materials contributes to the production of doors with unique and innovative style. Several door models boast many prestigious awards officially recognised for furniture.